Pinstripe Vest1 photo P7131350_zps29f98641.jpgPinstripe Vest2 photo P7131264_zpsfdea9357.jpgPinstripe Vest3 photo P7131278_zps27da13b6.jpgPinstripe Vest 5 photo P7131326_zpsc5fb891a.jpg photo P7131271_zps46003272.jpgPinstripe Vest4 photo P7131295_zps10025664.jpg

Good grief! I almost forgot I had a blog. It was a productive weekend with a good number of errands done but still with a good deal of downtime. It was only after dinner tonight that I got me thinking, hmmm…what did I normally do weekends? I don’t think I was so lethargic then. Then it hit me that I would blog! So luckily I have a set of outfit photos that I took last week, but none left for the upcoming days. Oh well. Leisure and relaxation are such a luxury for me this year so I’ll take them any chance I get. Some things just gotta give I suppose.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and an even greater week ahead. See yah! :)

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Scuba Suit

Scuba Dress2 photo P7061229_zpsde58675d.jpgScuba Dress5 photo P7061186_zpsaa800cce.jpgScuba Dress3 photo P7061219_zps2a84a302.jpgScuba Dress6 photo P7061181_zps21f84522.jpgScuba Dress1 photo P7061237_zps8301a030.jpgScuba Dress4 photo P7061203_zps37ed1b2b.jpg

Finally! A new post after ages. It’s been so tough finding time to blog since my workload is through the roof! I miss blogging, I miss shopping even more! Hahaha. The last time I’ve shopped was in February during my Korea trip, of which, I was able to nab this scuba suit-inspired neoprene dress. I was so happy I found this little number amidst all the winter clothes being sold at that time. I was afraid it wouldn’t fit me given the really tiny figures Korean women have. When I tried it on and it zipped all the way up, I was ecstatic! I even got some nods of approval from the Korean sales ladies after trying it on :)

I wish I could shop this sale season. This might be the first time I’m taking a backseat during the sale but alas, I need to save a bit more for an upcoming life event. I can’t wait to share this with you when it’s over. Gotta run. I’m so pooped the past few weeks. I’ve been working on hyperdrive and I need some sleep! Time to hit the sack! Have a good weekend loves.

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